Tyler Major Mount Installation on Alouette

Currently under testing for the A3 is the Tyler Major Mount. This will allow producers to film at higher altitudes with full fuel and personnel,  not possible with the standard Jetranger and Astar ships.

Major Mount
STC certified for Bell Jet Ranger / Long Ranger & Eurocopter Astar / TwinStar helicopters.

The Major Mount is a helicopter camera mount designed to capture an aerial perspective from the side of the helicopter, providing 100 degrees of pan, tilt and roll movements, making it ideal for air-to-ground or air-to-air, scenic aerials or fast action sequences. Straight-forward or straight-back shots can be made by crabbing the helicopter; up to @ 40 mph. And, with the optional Gyro Assist, the Major Mount performance is enhanced allowing greater focal lengths to be achieved with the same ease of operating. Major Mounts are used by your Operator and AC and can utilize your camera and lenses or Tyler's 35mm camera package.

Optimum Camera Types
35 & 16mm cameras:
Arriflex 435, 35-3, 16SR-3 & 2,
and Panavision versions of each.

Large format cameras:
IMAX, Iwerks, Panavision, Vistavision, Showscan

Video cameras:
All broadcast hand-heald type, including HDTV

Focal Range: Wide to tight Point-of-View: Side (left or right)
Max. Cam. wt.: 120 lbs. Movement: Pan, Tilt & Roll 100 deg. (ea.)
Install time: 45 min. Stabilization: Free-floating

Additional Features
   Optional "Auto-Record" Combo 8 color monitor (for specified Arriflex cameras only).
   Optional air-to-ground Microwave video transceiver.
   No charge for prep (durring business hours).
   Direct, through the eyepiece viewing for optimum focusing and framing.
   Quick in-flight magazine/video tape and filter changes.
   Controls for smooth, slow to high speed zooming, focus (film cameras only) & camera run.
   Note: Camera run function operates Arriflex type film cameras as well as most video cameras.